What it is about… Not only are cities the birthplaces of modern civilisation, they are also the driving force behind their own constant renewal. A city that stands still becomes a theme park. And the reverse is also true: change should not be carried out for change’s sake. It should serve the values established by the urban traditions of our cities, whether they be economic, social, environmental or aesthetic. The art of building cities is a matter not only of finding a compromise between all of those involved, but also of creating an element of architectural culture for the city itself. This requires openness for dialogue and willingness to cooperate, coupled with a high level of expertise. Citizen participation is neither a buzzword nor a compulsory exercise, but rather a challenge for all of those involved.

The crucial aim is to develop and implement high-quality planning concepts that involve the stakeholders, while never losing sight of the city as a whole.

HELLWEG URBAN CONCEPT is adept at this ART OF CITY BUILDING, and the skills and experience are based on many years of practice, countless publications on planning theory and a vast array of award-winning projects.